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To Beat of Your Own Drum

As of recently, I’ve come to terms and have learnt that it’s OKAY to do something “different.” I was never the type of person that wanted to be “different” or to “stand-out.” To me, that was for reckless people. That was for people that gambled their lives way on the flimsy faith that everything will … Continue reading

Psst! One more thing...

  • This blog is where I document all my random musings including some of my struggles and triumphs within living a healthier lifestyle. Whether it be gaining physical strength through fitness or increasing my spiritual strength in the Catholic faith. It's a learning process that I'm eager to venture in and share here. All the information presented on this blog is for personal, educational, entertainment, and resource purposes only.

Hello There! I’m Kristine,

A food loving, nose in a book, tea snob with a penchant for all things floral. I am explorer of fitness and most importantly: a child of God.


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Snapshots of my Life

@angelinachiong made me these cutest ceramic #Easter gift! 🐰Now to put all my earrings in it. 😊#sentimentalsap Every now and again I come out of hermit status. 😊 #outwiththegirls

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